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ID:883 Haemoglobin S Level
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DescriptionSickle haemoblobin is a consequence of an amino acid substitution in one or both beta chains of the haemoglobin molecule. In its homozygous form (Sickle Cell Disease) the patient has an intolerance for a reduced oxygen tension situation eg. anaesthesia or altitude. The patient then goes into crisis where major organs can become infarcted. The heterozygous form (Sickle Cell Trait) is usually asymptomatic.
IndicationQuery Sickle Cell Disease or Trait, monitoring of known Sickle Cell Disease patients.
Additional InfoThe Hb S level detected by HPLC is reported in all cases where Hb S is detected.
Concurrent TestsFBC, Sickle solubility, Haemoglobinopathy screen.
Dietary RequirementsNone
InterpretationA sickle level of 35 - 40%is usual in patients with Sickle Cell Trait. This figure will be increased in the presence of beta+ thalassaemia and reduced in the presence of alpha thalassaemia.

DepartmentSpecialist Laboratory Medicine
TubeEDTA (Haem)
Tube Picture
Collection ConditionsNo restrictions
Min. Vol0.5

Ref. Range (Male)
Ref. Range (Female)
Ref. Range (Paed)
Ref. Range Notes
IP Acute TAT- Contact Laboratory
IP Routine TAT4 days
GP Acute TAT- Contact Laboratory
GP Routine TAT4 days
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