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ID:631 Urine samples for bacterial culture
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DescriptionA clinical diagnosis of urinary tract infection (UTI) can be confirmed by culture. Most commonly mid stream samples of urine (MSSU) are used. A urinalysis dipstick can be very helpful to select patients with a probable UTI before sending the urine sample and this has become common practice in most clinical areas and in the community to reduce the number of negative MSSU samples. Please note that the dipstick should not be dipped into the urine containing sampling container because of the risk of contamination. Before collecting an MSSU the urethral area of the patient has to be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water and this should be explained to patients who collect the MSSU themselves. This will greatly avoid the contamination with organisms colonising the end of the urethra. Other modalities of obtaining urine must be clearly marked on the request form e.g. catheter specimen of urine (CSU), suprapubic aspirate (SPA), nephrostomy tube urine or bag urine. This collection modality will help us to interpret the culture. Automated microscopy is performed on the iQ Sprints and results may indicate that culture is not appropriate. Culture is performed using the Mast Uriplus.
Additional InfoDipsick results must be accompanied by appropriate clinical details. Minimum volume for automated microscopy is 5ml..
Concurrent Testsna
Dietary Requirementsna

TubeBoric Acid Bottle
Tube Picture
Collection ConditionsFor MSSU thorough cleansing of urethra with soap and water. Aseptic sampling technique for SPA, CSU, nephrostomy tube samples. Use only boric acid containing (red capped) sample container. Red capped containers are designed to be used with 20ml of urine or 5ml for paediatric containers.. Using less than the recommended volume can inhibit the growth of some bacteria.
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Ref. Range (Male)
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Units - Not Defined -
IP Acute TAT3 days
IP Routine TAT3 days
GP Acute TAT3 days
GP Routine TAT3 days
Turnround CommentNegative results may be available considerably earlier than stated turnaround time.

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