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ID:537 Histoplasma antibodies
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DescriptionThis test detects the presence of antibodies to Histoplasma capsulatum. This test comprises two separate tests: A manual double diffusion (DD) for precipitins and a complement fixation testing (CFT) using commercial reagents.
IndicationThis test is appropriate for the diagnosis of histoplasmosis.
Additional InfoThis test comprises of two separate tests: A double diffusion test for precipitins (DD) and a complement fixation test (CFT).
Concurrent Testsna
Dietary Requirementsna
InterpretationA positive CFT titre of 1/8 or greater and a positive M or H band by DD is a clear indication of histoplasmosis. Positive CFT titres less than 1/8 or CFT results in the absence of a positive DD result are likely to be false positives and may relate to high levels of antibody to Aspergillus which is worth testing for.

SampleBlood or Serum
TubeSerum Gel Tube
Tube Picture
Collection ConditionsSerum from plain tubes only. Plasma from EDTA tubes is not suitable
Min. Vol10ml blood, 1ml serum.

Ref. Range (Male)DD negative CFT < 1/8
Ref. Range (Female)DD negative CFT < 1/8
Ref. Range (Paed)DD negative CFT < 1/8
Ref. Range NotesThis test involves 2 assays, a complement fixation test (CFT) and an double diffusion (DD) test. The CFT test is reported against both yeast and mycelial antigens. The DD test reports against M and/or H bands positivity.
Units - Not Defined -
IP Acute TAT14 days
IP Routine TAT14 days
GP Acute TAT14 days
GP Routine TAT14 days
Turnround Comment95% turnaround times The DD test is performed daily. The CFT is performed once a week. Results may be available considerably earlier than stated turnaround time.

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