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ID:425 Bupivicane
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DescriptionThis test is no longer routinely available. Please contact the Duty Biochemist for further discussion if required Local anaesthetic of long duration. Principal drug for spinal anaesthesia. Used in lumbar epidural blockage and continuous epidural analgesia in labour. Suggested maximum single dose is 150 mg. It has no major metabolites. If it gets into circulation - has cardiotoxicity - myocardial depression and vasodilation, leading to a fall in blood pressure. Anxiety, tinnitus, cardiac arrhythmias, convulsions and coma may occur.
IndicationSide effects when anaesthetic gets into systemic circulation.
Additional Info
Concurrent Testsna
Dietary Requirementsna
InterpretationToxicity levels may be higher in a sedated patient.

TubeSerum (No Gel)
Tube Picture
Collection ConditionsGel separation tubes cannot be used.
Min. Vol2 ml
Freq.Referred to external laboratory

Ref. Range (Male)
Ref. Range (Female)
Ref. Range (Paed)
Ref. Range NotesNo range
IP Acute TAT- Contact Laboratory
IP Routine TATAt least 1 week
GP Acute TAT- Contact Laboratory
GP Routine TATAt least 1 week
Turnround CommentNA

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