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ID:277 Fibrinogen (Derived)
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DescriptionFibrinogen is the final coagulation protein in the clotting cascade.The conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin by thrombin eventually forms the cross linked gel to physically block the damaged blood vessel.
Indication1). Assessment of haemostatic state. 2). Investigation of a bleeding disorder. 3). Investigation of a thrombotic disorder.
Additional InfoA routine coagulation screen includes a derived (calculated) fibrinogen level. This is based on the turbidity of the blood clot obtained when a prothrombin time is performed.
Concurrent TestsCoagulation Screen
Dietary RequirementsNone
InterpretationInterpreted against a normal range. High fibrinogen results are reported as greater than 4.5g/L

Tube Picture
Collection ConditionsCorrectly filled citrate tubes. 1 for single factor assay, 2 for multiple factor assays.
Min. Vol

Ref. Range (Male)1.6 - 5.9
Ref. Range (Female)1.6 - 5.9
Ref. Range (Paed) 1.6 - 5.9
Ref. Range NotesCritical telephone values: See Clauss fibrinogen
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