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ID:170 Protein (total)
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DescriptionPlasma proteins are synthesised predominantly in the liver, plasma cells, lymph nodes, the spleen and bone marrow. In the course of disease the total protein concentration and also the percentage represented by individual fractions can significantly deviate from normal values. Changes in the relative percentage of one plasma protein can be due to a change in the percentage of one protein fraction. Often in such cases the amount of total protein does not change. The A/G ratio is commonly used as an index of the distribution of the albumin and globulin fractions. Marked changes in this ratio can be observed in cirrhosis of the liver, glomerularnephritis, nephrotic syndrome, acute hepatitis, lupus erythramotosus, as well as in certain acute and chronic inflammations.
IndicationTotal protein is measured in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases involving the liver, kidney or bone marrow as well as other metabolic or nutritional disorders.
Additional InfoMust be requested separately, not included part of the LFT profile.
Concurrent Testsna
Dietary Requirementsna
InterpretationHypoproteinaemia can be caused by diseases and disorders such as blood loss, sprue, nephrotic syndrome, severe burns, salt retention, and Kwashiorkor (acute protein deficiency). Hyperproteinaemia can be caused by severe dehydration and myeloma.

TubeSerum or Heparin
Tube Picture
Collection ConditionsUse Gold top (serum gel) tube except for Intensive care units, renal unit, transplant unit, patients on IV heparin (use Green/yellow top tube for these patients).
Min. Vol1 mL

Ref. Range (Male)60 - 80
Ref. Range (Female)60 - 80
Ref. Range (Paed)
Ref. Range Notes(Total protein = albumin + globulins)
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