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ID:1039 Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV)PCR
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Description Qualitative detection of VZV by PCR
Indication Detection of VZV in skin lesions in chickenpox or shingles, in CSF if associated with encephalitis or meningitis and in eye sample (fluid or retinal biopsy) if causing progressive retinal necrosis.
Additional InfoSkin, throat or eye swabs in Universal Transport Medium. CSF samples and eye biopsies in plain sterile universal
Concurrent TestsVZV IgG testing may be required if differentiation between acute infection or reactivation is required
Dietary Requirementsna
InterpretationResults will be reported as positive, not detected or indeterminate.

SampleSkin, throat or eye swabs
TubeUniversal Transport Med
Tube Picture
Collection Conditions Do not use dry swabs for specimen collection. Optimal time of collection is the acute phase of illness. For collection of samples from vesicular lesions a sterile needle should be used to unroof the vesicle and then swab used to vigorously swab the base to collect epithelial cells and fluid
Min. Vol 350Ál, except CSF (100Ál)

Ref. Range (Male)
Ref. Range (Female)
Ref. Range (Paed)
Ref. Range Notes
Units - Not Defined -
IP Acute TAT3 days
IP Routine TAT3 days
GP Acute TAT3 days
GP Routine TAT3 days
Turnround CommentResults may be available considerably earlier than stated turnaround time.

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