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ID:1036 Automated vW Ristocetin Co-factor
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Description Functional measurement for vW protein activity
Indication Investigation of a bleeding disorder
Additional Info
Concurrent TestsFactor VIII and vW antigen
Dietary Requirementsna
Interpretation Individual tests reported against a normal range

DepartmentSpecialist Laboratory Medicine
Tube Picture
Collection Conditions Citrate x 2. All citrate tubes must be filled to the line please.
Min. Vol

Ref. Range (Male)
Ref. Range (Female)
Ref. Range (Paed)
Ref. Range Notes 54-158iu/dL
Units - Not Defined -
IP Acute TAT2 hours
IP Routine TAT6 days
GP Acute TAT- Not Defined -
GP Routine TAT- Not Defined -
Turnround CommentNA

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