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ID:930 Group and Save
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DescriptionIn a standard group and save request the sample has a blood group check, antibody screen and is saved for 3 months. In an antenatal group and save, the sample has a blood group check and antibody screen but the sample is not saved. The antibody screen tests for all common antibodies ( anti-D, c, C, Cw, e, E, K, Fya, Fyb, M, N, S, s, Jka, Jkb, Lea, Leb and P1 ) and will also detect a lot of the less common ones.
IndicationAntenatal testing and any medical or surgical (see hospital MSBOS) condition possibly requiring blood transfusion.
Additional InfoPlease note, 1). the presence of a current G&S sample in the laboratory does not indicate blood is crossmatched for that patient, 2). a patient with a positive antibody screen may encounter delayed blood provision.
Concurrent Tests
Dietary Requirements

InterpretationPositive or negative. Positive results are tested further to define antibody(ies) present.

Ref. Range (Male)
Ref. Range (Female)
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Other Help:Blood Transfusion Website
Other Help:Hospital Transfusion Team Website
Other Help:MSBOS

IP Acute TAT1 hour
IP Routine TAT3 hours
GP Acute TAT- Contact Laboratory
GP Routine TAT24 - 48 hour
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