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ID:9 Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)
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DescriptionALP hydrolyses phosphate esters at alkaline pH. ALP is present as several isoenzymes; liver, bone, placenta, intestines and kidney. Plasma ALP is principally the liver and bone isoenzymes. Liver ALP derives from the biliary canalicular membrane. Bone ALP derives from osteoblasts.
IndicationHepatobiliary disease, bone disease (Paget's, osteomalacia, rickets), calcium disorders and malignancy.
Additional InfoPathology harmony refernce ranges adopted with new method (Feb 2016). CALIPER ref ranges adopted for paeds.Adult: 30 - 130 U/L Paediatric: Age Female Male <14 days 82-249 82-249 15 days to 1 yr 122-473 122-473 1 to 10 yrs 142-336 142-336 10 to 13 yrs 128-420 128-420 13 to 15 yrs 55-255 115-471 15 to 17 yrs 49-116 81-333 17 to 18 yrs 43-86 53-149
Concurrent Testsna
Dietary Requirementsna

InterpretationMethod measures total ALP activity. Increased values may originate from liver, bone, placenta, intestines and malignant tissue. HEPATOBILIARY DISEASE: higher levels indicative of cholestasis (intra or extra hepatic). BONE DISEASE: very high levels are often associated with Paget's. PREGNANCY: modest increases occur. GROWTH: modest increases are seen during periods of rapid bone growth in childhood and adolescence. Decreased values are seen in: malnutrition, kwashiorkor, vit B12 deficiency, magnesium deficiency, zinc deficiency, gross anaemias and after cardiac surgery. Hypophosphatasia is an inherited disorder which in the childhood form is characterised by dental and bone abnormalities.

Ref. Range (Male)30-130
Ref. Range (Female)30-130
Ref. Range (Paed)See note
Ref. Range NotesALP changes quite markedly throughout life with peaks in childhood and puberty (and pregnancy). For patients ages 0-18yrs the CALIPER reference ranges have been adopted. (See additional information section) Please contact the lab for further information if required.

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