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ID:836 Pseudomonas antibodies
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DescriptionThis assay detects IgG antibodies to Pseudomonas aeruginosa using partially paruified Ps. Aeruginosa lipopolysaccharides.
IndicationCertain patient populations e.g. cyctic fibrosis patients are prone to Ps. Aeruginosa infection which may be virulent and difficult to eradicate.
Additional InfoResults are unaffected by antibiotics.
Concurrent Testsna
Dietary Requirementsna

InterpretationLevels to Ps. Aeruginosa are low in the general population but rise rapidly during infection.

Ref. Range (Male) <2.96
Ref. Range (Female) <2.96
Ref. Range (Paed) <2.96
Ref. Range NotesNegative <2.96
Units - Not Defined -

IP Acute TAT- Not Defined -
IP Routine TAT14 days
GP Acute TAT- Not Defined -
GP Routine TAT14 days
Turnround CommentNA
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