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ID:363 Trimethylamine
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DescriptionTrimethylamine is an organic compound with a strong "fishy" odor in low concentrations.
IndicationFor the diagnosis of primary and secondary trimethylaminuria (Fish Odour Syndrome)
Additional Info
Concurrent Testsna
Dietary RequirementsA high choline diet prior to sample collection is helpful but not essential


Ref. Range (Male)See notes
Ref. Range (Female)See notes
Ref. Range (Paed)See notes
Ref. Range NotesTMA 2.5-10.9 Ámol/mmol creatinin TMA Oxide 17.0-147.0 Ámol/mmol creatininet TMA: TMA oxide ratio 0.05-0.21"
Units - Not Defined -

IP Acute TAT2 months
IP Routine TAT2 months
GP Acute TAT2 months
GP Routine TAT2 months
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