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ID:335 Xanthochromia
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DescriptionThis is a test of CSF which measures the breakdown products of blood following an intracerebral bleed. Note blood stained samples may affect analysis.
IndicationSuspected sub- arachnoid haemorrhage(SAH)
Additional InfoA paired serum sample for protein and bilirubin should also be sent. Samples should be taken >12 hours post event - samples taken earlier may give false negative results. (Please see information for CSF protein and glucose also). Please see CSF protocol for further information- ideally tube number 4 should be sent to biochemistry for CSF protein and xanthochromia. For urgent testing - please contact laboratory.
Concurrent TestsCSF protein (if meningitis is DDX)
Dietary RequirementsN/A

InterpretationPlease contact the duty biochemist on x26922 or if out of hours then contact the on-call consultant (via switchboard)

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Turnround CommentIn-patient turnaround times are Sun - Thurs 24hrs Fri - Sat 72hrs
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