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ID:282 Malaria Screen
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DescriptionA group of screening tests to detect if malarial parasites are present in a patients blood sample. If malarial parasites are found, then a provisional species diagnosis will be given (if possible).
IndicationPyrexia of unknown origin following foreign travel.
Additional InfoMalaria is a parasitic disease caused by an eykaryoctic micro-organismof the genus plasmodium. It is trasmitted to humans via the Anopheles mosquito.There are 5 species of malarial parasite - Plasmodiums: Falciparum, Vivax, Malariae, Ovale and Knowlesi. NB. A G6PD assay is performed on all positive samples except Falciparum species.
Concurrent TestsFBC, Thick and Thin fims
Dietary RequirementsNone

InterpretationScreens are reported as: ‘positive’ or ‘none seen’. The laboratory will issue a preliminary species diagnosis but all positive samples are forwarded to the London School of Tropical Medicine for diagnosticconfirmation

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