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ID:266 D-Dimers
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DescriptionWhen a fibrin clot forms in the body it is normally broken down and removed by the fibrinolytic pathway. D-Dimers are generated when cross-linked fibrin is broken down by this pathway. They are a specific breakdown product from a blood clot.
IndicationD-Dimers are useful in 2 circumstances: 1). They act as a negative pedicitive indicator of a VTE of PE. 2). They can be used to diagnose DIC
Additional InfoPlease specify if required for excluding DVT/PE or investigating DIC. Please note: test can only be added to samples within 24 hours of collection
Concurrent Tests
Dietary Requirements

InterpretationPatients who have results below 275 ug/mlhave not had a VTE or PE. This should only be used in conjunction with a WELLS risk score for VTE/PE. Patients with high D-Dimers (> 4000 ug/ml) may be suspected of having DIC (discuss with a clinical haematologist).

Ref. Range (Male)Normal <230 ug/ml
Ref. Range (Female)Normal <230 ug/ml
Ref. Range (Paed)Normal <230 ug/ml
Ref. Range Notes

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