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ID:171 Protein (CSF/Fluid)
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DescriptionNot interpretable in blood-stained samples.
IndicationCNS disorders, CNS infection, Multiple Sclerosis
Additional InfoAlso see information for CSF glucose and CSF Xanthochromia.
Concurrent TestsCSF glucose if bacterial infection is suspected.
Dietary RequirementsN/A

InterpretationDiscuss with Duty Biochemist or On-call consultant out of hours.

Ref. Range (Male)0.2 - 0.4
Ref. Range (Female)0.2 - 0.4
Ref. Range (Paed)
Ref. Range Notes

IP Acute TATRefer to Website
IP Routine TATRefer to Website
GP Acute TATRefer to Website
GP Routine TATRefer to Website
Turnround CommentNA
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