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ID:1015 Neonatal Screening
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Description The Leeds Screening Laboratory provides neonatal screening as defined by national policy. For more information please see:
Additional InfoThis laboratory provides the neonatal screening service for all births in the following PCTs: North Yorkshire and York (except Hambleton/Richmondshire), Bradford and Airedale Teaching, Leeds, East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull Teaching, Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield.
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InterpretationAll reports are sent as electronic messages via the CfH IT spine to Yorkshire CHRDs. Users of the service outside Yorkshire receive reports in paper format by first class post. CHRDs record the results and send a letter to the parent when they have a record that all screened conditions have been reported as ‘not suspected’. Action is taken immediately on positive results according to national and locally agreed protocols. It is the policy of this laboratory to phone results to the relevant local paediatric consultant who will see the child quickly. An initial referral letter is sent in PDF format by NHS mail immediately to confirm the details of a positive result. It is followed by a further letter when confirmatory testing has been completed and this letter also confirms that the other screening tests have been performed.

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