Mycology Research and Development

Recent and planned research and development Projects

Analysis of the Respiratory Microbiome in severe Vs non- severe Asthma (ARMA)

The main purpose of this study is to understand the microorganisms present in lungs (called the lung microbiome) of people with asthma by analysing their sputum with a new detection method. The study also aims to investigate the relationship between the lung microbiome in asthma and allergic responses associated with worsening asthma symptoms. Though there is evidence that certain microorganisms in the lungs are associated with more severe asthma symptoms, this study is important because there is lack of information about which types of microorganisms are responsible and how the body responds to these. This study will help to find out whether lung microbiome plays a significant role in the progression of asthma severity with the ultimate aim of improving diagnosis and treatments for patients with asthma.

Serological diagnosis of aspergillosis in the immunocompetent host

This project was to look at the role of Aspergillus IgG testing in the diagnosis of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis in people with cystic fibrosis. We are currently planning an analysis of the role of Aspergillus IgG testing in diagnosing and predicting the response to therapy in people with CF.

PCR based diagnosis of skin and nail infection

This project was to evaluate the PCR-based detection of dermatophyte DNA in nail specimens with the aim of developing a PCR-based test to replace most or all of the current microscopy and culture methodology. This project is ongoing and is looking at improved methods of DNA extraction from nail tissue.

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