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Microbiology User Manual.

Microbiology User Manual


Specimen Container Information.

Following changes to sampling requirements for Microbiology swabs and urines please use link below for a handy print off guide for all Microbiology Specimen Containers.

Microbiology Specimen Containers


Changes to the Pathology Supplies Order form.

Please use this link for the revised Pathology Supplies Order form


Microbiology has seen a number of recent changes, below are links to document informing you of these.

Change to specimen collection container for urine samples submitted for M, C and S.

Rejection of Microbiology Samples.

Turnaround Times (TATs) for Microbiology Investigations.

Changes to investigation of abnormal vaginal discharge for Bacterial Vaginosis and Trichomonas vaginalis.

Changes to Microbiology Testing Procedure.


Microbiology has seen robotics become a reality with the introduction of the WASPlabTM (Walk Away Specimen Processor).

This technology automates the setting up processes for swabs improving quality and efficiency in diagnostics for our patients.

It records high quality digital images of the bacteria growing on the agar plates which are viewed on screens. This reduces exposure to bacteria for our staff and again increases efficiency.

The automation works by testing a liquid medium in which the swab is immersed. For this purpose we are changing from traditional charcoal swabs to eSwabs. In January 2016 we introduced the first batch of swabs specific for MRSA testing to the LGI site. We will be rolling these out across the rest of the trust in the next month. Later in the year we will introduce the eSwab for other bacteriology tests including wound and genital swabs. This will see a change for not only our hospital locations but also in GP surgeries across the community.

Further information about the WASPlabTM can be found at

For information about the changes to MRSA screening swabs click here:


Microbiology Tube Change

Please see the links below for Tube change notices and an updated version of the Vacuette Tube Guide Chart where the volume size and code has been amended for the 5ml Serum Gel Microbiology tube.

If you require any further information please don't hesitate to ask.

Leeds Tube Micro Change Notice

Vacuette chart A4


Reporting Units for Haemogoblin

At 10:00 a.m. on Monday 22nd April 2013 the reporting units for haemoglobin will change from g/dL to g/L. This will affect haemoglobin and mean cell haemoglobin concentration results. Are your IT systems ready for this change? Read more.


Whooping Cough (Bordatella Pertussis) testing form the 5th November 2012

The routine way of testing for whooping cough in the community setting is to take a per-nasal swab for culture for Bordetella pertussis. It is important that the correct swabs are used when carrying out this investigation. Please note that the following swab should be used when carrying out this test: Blue-capped swab with flexible wire shaft in Amies transport medium (swab code 18192C). If incorrect swabs are sent these will not be processed for B. pertussis culture, as a negative result does not exclude presence of this pathogen. Thank you for your help.


Responsible Requesting initiative

The responsible requesting initiative will start on 17 September 2012. It aims to reduce repeated and unnecessary pathology testing, minimise harm to patients and save valuable resources.Test requests that breach the minimum frequency threshold will not be processed. It is recognised that repeat testing more frequently may be necessary if there is an overriding clinical need. In such cases there is a simple override procedure available.

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