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Policy for Anti-Nuclear Antibody Testing

Anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA)


ANA are no longer performed by indirect immunofluorescence (IIF).  The multiplex flow based immunoassay on the Bioplex 2200 analyser has replaced the previously used IIF for ANA screening and DNA and ENA antibody enzyme immunoassays for determining the specificity of the ANA.  The Bioplex 2200 ANA assay can simultaneously detect the presence of autoantibodies to the following autoantigen specificities: DNA, Ro (SS-A) 60, Ro (SS-A) 52, La (SS-B), Sm, SmRNP, RNP-68kD, Scl-70, Jo-1, centromere (CENP-B), chromatin and ribosomal P.

In rare instances where there is a strong clinical suspicion of underlying systemic autoimmune disease, but where the autoimmune screen by multiplex analyser produces a negative result, we will retain the ability to perform additional IIF tests. If these are required clinically, arrangements can be made after discussion with a senior member of the laboratory staff or one of the consultant medical staff.

Panels of autoantibodies associated with myositis and scleroderma detected by immunoblot are available to Rheumatologists following discussion with a Consultant Immunologist.   These tests are available to respiratory medicine in investigation of some patients with ILD following discussion with the Consultant Immunologist.

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