Contacts for GP Supplies

For GP practices and other customers who currently order their supplies from us the contact details are:-

 Function  Contact Details
GP supplies, forms, labels, consumables, etc,. VOICE:(see note 1 below) 0113 39 26894
FAX: 0113 39 25171
GP practice/location changes, GP/practitioner detail changes. e.g. changes of address, GP starting/leaving 1. 
Specimen transport shuttle service for GP's Leeds GP's: 0113 20 64030


Please use this link to download the Pathology Supplies Order Form 



1. Your order details will be taken by a receptionist and passed on to the Pathology Supplies staff. The receptionist will not be able to answer queries regarding orders. These should be addressed to the Pathology Suppllies staff via email (preferred) .

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