Toxicology, Trace Metals and Metabolic Biochemistry

Specialist services for the investigation of drugs of abuse screening, metabolic laboratory studies and the investigation of trace metals are provided as part of the Department of Specialist Laboratory Medicine in Block 46 at SJUH.

Guidance on sample selection, collection and result interpretation for drugs of abuse screening can be found in the drugs of abuse service user information. Information on all other tests can be found on tests and tubes.

The trace elements service provides a comprehensive service that includes indicators of nutrition and heavy metal toxicity. Information on all tests can be found in tests and tubes. Guidance on sample collection and transport of biopsy samples for tissue copper and iron can be found in the user information. For urgent requests and for discussion and advice, contact details are given below.

The metabolic biochemistry section offer the following assays: Carcinoid screening (urine & plasma 5HIAA, blood serotonin), phaeochromocytoma screening (24 hour urine metanephrines), urine oxalate, vitamin A&E, faecal elastase and occult blood.

Routine opening hours are Mon - Fri 08:30 to 16:30. No out of hours work is undertaken.

Requests for urgent analysis out-of-hours must be discussed and authorised by the Duty Consultant Biochemist (contact via LTH switchboard 0113 2432799).


 Name / Section Role  Tel:
Dr Carys Lippiatt Consultant Clinical Biochemist 0113 2067174 / 07789 983783
Dr Elizabeth Fox  Principal Clinical Biochemist 0113 2064860
James Booth Biomedical Scientists 0113 2064204
Bryan Hill Biomedical Scientist 0113 2066063 
General Enquiries Enquiries 0113 2066063
Specimen Reception Enquiries 0113 2064195
Trace Metals Laboratory Enquires 0113 2064760

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