Transplant Immunology Laboratory

The Transplant Immunology Laboratory is located, together with the Cellular Immunology Laboratory on Level 09 of Gledhow Wing on the St James's site. Together with the Clinical Immunology Laboratory at the Infirmary, the laboratories comprise the Regional Immunology Service.

The Transplant Immunology Laboratory performs investigations in determination of donor and recipient compatibility for transplantation. These investigations are of two main types – ‘tissue typing’ which facilitates donor-recipient matching and serum screening/crossmatching, which determines recipient sensitisation against putative donor antigens. From results of these tests advice will be given to clinical colleagues regarding progression of patients to transplantation and on their post-transplant management.

A copy of the Service Prospectus is available on request from the laboratory.

Patient information pamphlets are available on request for a range of topics, including renal patients, renal donors, HSCT patients, HSCT donors and disease association.

The Cellular Immunology Laboratory performs investigation of patients in whom there is a clinical suspicion of immunodeficiency.


Consultant Immunologist Dr S.Savic

0113-20 66099/65567

Consultant Immunologist Dr P.Wood


(secretary) /67256
Consultant Immunologist Dr G Arumugakani

0113-205526 (secretary)

Consultant Clinical Scientist- Head of Service Dr B. Clark 0113-20 66490
Technical Lead (Transplant) Mr N. Marsden 0113-20 66278
Technical Lead (Cellular) Mrs June Cole 0113-20 65418
Transplant Immunology Laboratory   0113-20 64579
Cellular Immunology Laboratory  Dr C Carter 0113-20 65418
  • Clinical Enquiries about Transplant Immunology laboratory results should be made to Ext 66490
  • Clinical Enquiries about Cellular Immunology Laboratory results should be made to Ext 65526 or 67256

Out of hours clinical enquiries should be made via SJUH switchboard.

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