Policy on use of ENA Screen

An ENA screen will be added, by validation staff, to ANA positive samples and/or if warranted by clinical details:

ENA screening test generates the autocomment: “the ENA screening test detects antibodies to SS-A/Ro, SS-B/La, RNP, Sm, Scl-70 & Jo-1”).

Samples from external sources ( Pontefract/Pinderfields, etc) requiring ENA will be tested for the standard ENA breakdown (IENA) without screening.

ENA breakdown remains the same – Ro, La, Sm and RNP. Jo-1 and Scl-70 will only be added if requested (and clinically appropriate) or for clarification purposes (e.g. ENA screen positive, but Ro, La, Sm and RNP negative).

ENA screen results will be reported as follows: Negative, Weak and Positive.

If the ENA screen is positive (or weak) on any sample, the ENA breakdown will automatically be added.

A screen will not be added if:

  • If the ANA pattern is Centromere, ENA breakdown (ENA1L) can be added if appropriate
  • If the ANA pattern is suggestive of anti-Ro, the ENA breakdown is added
  • If a request comes specifically for Scl-70 or Jo-1, these are added on directly (where clinically relevant).
  • ENA typing has been carried out in the last year.

Page updated: 01/01/11 | Updated by: Anna McHugh