Policy on Allergy and Total IgE Testing

Requests for Total IgE assays will only be done if specifically requested and it will not be performed on requests for RAST only.

All Specific IgE tests that are requested by name will be done except where a stamp is used listing multiple allergens (see below). All “mixes” requested by name will be tested.

Non-specific requests

Non specific requests e.g. RAST, allergy screen etc will be booked in only for inhaled allergen mix if an adult, a food mix will also be added if it is a child (age <16 years).

Laboratory policy is that specific allergens will not be done on samples screened using inhaled allergen mix or mixed foods without further clinical details and discussion with appropriate laboratory personnel.

For information:

Inhaled allergen mix contains house dust mites, cat, dog, trees, grass and mould.

Food mix contains egg, milk, cod fish, soya bean, and peanut.

Page updated: 10/10/14 | Updated by: Anna McHugh