Policy for Tests for Autoimmune Liver Disease and Pernicous Anaemia

All requests for “autoantibody screen” will be only be tested for ANA unless the clinical details/request indicates the need for a full multi-block (liver/kidney/stomch tissue) screen, eg.


  • Requests for full autoantibody screen, SMA, smooth muscle abs, AMA, mitochondrial abs, GPC, parietal/gastric parietal cell abs, LKM, liver kidney microsomal abs.


  • Relevant clinical details such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver disease, abnormal LFTs, jaundiced, altered liver enzymes (increased ALT, Alk Phos, GGT), PBC or ?PBC, ALD or ?ALD, anaemia, pernicious anaemia, low Bl2, high MCV, macrocytosis will be booked in.


Page updated: 10/10/14 | Updated by: Anna McHugh