Clinical Immunology Laboratory
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The Clinical Immunology Laboratory provides testing for general immunology, allergy and protein chemistry.

The majority of tests in adult patients can be performed on a single 10ml clotted sample collected into a plain tube (please refer to the Tests and Tubes database sample requirements). In cases of difficulty with paediatric samples please discuss with the laboratory. It may be possible to use smaller sample volumes..

Particular care is required in taking samples for the investigation of cryoglobulinaemia or for tryptase determination - please refer to the Policy for Cryoglobulin Determination for details.

Samples from the St James's site should be sent to their respective Clinical Biochemistry Specimen Reception where they will be transported to the LGI for testing. Outside trusts should send serum samples by courier or first class mail to LGI.

On the request form, please include sufficient clinical detail in addition to patient's name, unit number, date of birth, ward and sex on all forms, to enable meaningful interpretation of results. Hazardous samples which pose a risk to laboratory staff must be clearly identified with a 'danger of infection' sticker.


Role Name Tel:
Head of Service Dr S Savic 0113-20 65567 (Secretary)
Consultant Immunologist Dr P Wood 0113-20 65526 (Secretary)
Consultant Immunologist Dr G Arumugakani 0113-20 65526 (Secretary)
Laboratory manager Mrs C Chadwick 0113-39 23554
Immunology Network Contacts Dr S Savic / Dr A McHugh 0113-20 65567 / 39 25550
Clinical Scientists - duty officer Dr A McHugh / Ms S Maisuria 0113-39 25550 / 39 23552
Autoantibody Laboratory   0113-39 23540
Proteins/Allergy Laboratory   0113-39 23414
Sample reception   0113-39 22117
Laboratory Enquiries   0113-39 22587


  • All enquires about results for allergy and autoimmunity tests, immunoglobulin and complement measurements - users should consult the ICE/PPM results servers.
  • Please refer to the Tests and Tubes database for enquires about sample requirements.
  • If the results server is not accessible enquiries should be made to Ext. 22587.
  • Clinical Enquiries will be dealt with by the duty officers (Specialist Registrars or Clinical Scientist ) who may be contacted directly. Specialist Registrars can be bleeped from LGI or SJUH swithchboard via bleep 1769 or 4173, Clinical Scientists can be contact on the phone numbers above.
  • Calls may be redirected to the secretary's for Dr Savic, Dr Wood or Dr Arumugakani. The Specialist Registrar will be contacted if they are not available.

Out of hours clinical enquiries should be made to LGI or SJUH switchboard (2432799)

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