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The Immunology Service based in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, is a regional consultant led diagnostic and clinical immunology service.

The Diagnostic Immunology Service has two laboratories ( Both open 09.00 – 17.00 hrs Monday – Friday).

Clinical Immunology Laboratory based at the LGI providing tests related to autoimmunity, allergy, immunochemistry and antibody deficiency.

Clinical Immunology does not provide an out of hours laboratory service.

Transplantation and Cellular Immunology based at St James providing histocompatibility testing, immunosuppressant monitoring and tests of cellular immune function.

There is an ‘out of hours’ Tissue Typing laboratory service for renal transplantation only. Contact the duty scientist via SJUH switchboard.

The Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit, based in Beckett Wing at St. James, provides a regional clinical service for primary immunodeficiency and allergy

Newsflash: see Immunology News link re: Change to the reference range and interpretation of Voltage-gated Potassium Channel (VGKC) Antibodies (October 2016).

Immunology Request Forms

Immunology request forms

Aquaporin-4 (NMO) Ab request form.  Samples received without a complete Diagnostic and Advisory Service for Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) referral form will not be referred for this test.  Samples will be retained in the Immunology Laboratory.

Requesting Translpant Immunology Tests via ICE requestingOnly HLA B27 and HLA B57 can be requested via the ICE / order comms system.  Transplant Immunology tests that are NOT available as an ICE requests are: Flow cytometry cross match, HLA cross match, lymphocytotoxic antibodies and lymphocytotoxic cross match.  Please use paper requests for these tests or contact the laboratory (0113 20 66278).

User/Patient Information

Patient Consent

For samples received into the Immunology laboratory and for those when referral is needed it is a requirement that there is patient consent to disclose clinical information and family history to relevant healthcare professionals as required for the purposes of diagnosis and patient management. On receipt of samples for testing the Immunology laboratory assumes that this consent has been given.


Immunology Key Links

Clinical Immunology Laboratory Transplant & Cellular Immunology Laboratory
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Immunology News
Immunology Policies  
Test Limitations  
Result Enquiries  

Clinical Protocols and Guidelines

Autoimmune Disease Primary Immunodeficiency
Investigation of Allergy


Transplantation Guidelines

Anaphylaxis: NICE CG134 Guideline

Suspected Anaphylactic Reaction Associated with Anaesthesia 4: AAGBI Safety Guideline

Transplant Immunology Prospectus

Immunogenetic Markers Leaflet

Renal Transplant Donors Leaflet

Renal Transplant Patients Leaflet

Stem Cell Transplant Donors Leaflet

Stem Cell Transplant Patients Leaflet

Carbamazepine Information Sheet

Hand Transplant Patients Leaflet

Immunology Test Repertoire and Turn around times

  These found on the Test and Tubes data base. You can also follow this link: List Departments which provide Tests'

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