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The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Blood Transfusion department is responsible for the transfusion requirements of six hospitals throughout West Yorkshire. These generate a cumulative workload of some 85,000 group and save / crossmatch requests with a further 20,000 antenatal samples from G.P. surgeries.

The Blood Transfusion department covers all hospital requests for blood,  plasma,  platelets,  cryoprecipitate,  anti-D and specialist clotting factors on a 24 hour basis (this is partially covered by an "Emergencies Only" on-call system).

The content of the Blood Transfusion related pages on this Pathology Services Internet site is primarily directed at antenatal testing for external users such as Practice Nurses, G.P.'s and Community Midwifery. To view this go here:

Antenatal Testing

For the main Blood Transfusion website, (internal users), go here:

LTH Blood Transfusion Website

For the Hospital Transfusion Team website, (internal users), go here:

LTH Hospital Transfusion Team Website

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