Biochemical Genetics
Blood spot punching in our Biochemical Genetics laboratory

The Biochemical Genetics service is comprised of two regional laboratories, screening and metabolic. Biochemical Genetics is a sub division of the Department of Specialised Laboratory Medicine, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. It is located at the St James’s University Hospital site, block 46.

Neonatal Screening Service

This laboratory provides the neonatal screening service for all births in the following PCTs: North Yorkshire and York (except Hambleton/Richmondshire), Bradford and Airedale Teaching, Leeds, East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull Teaching, Calderdale, Kirklees, Wakefield.

For test information please refer to our tests and tubes page.

There is also an Antenatal screening service which provides biochemical analyses on blood samples taken during the first and second trimester of pregnancy and risk calculation for Down's Syndrome.

Neonatal Screening main enquiry service   0113 2064195
Clinical Lead/Lab director Dr Mick Henderson 0113 2066861
Principal Clinical Scientist Caroline Griffith 0113 2065087
Principal Clinical Scientist (Down's Screening) Mr Daniel Herrera 0113 2066860
Advanced Biomedical Scientist Mr Timothy Williams 0113 2065806
Consultant Haematologist Dr Michael Richards 0113 3928776
Advanced Biomedical Scientist Mrs Lisa Farrar 0113 2065806 or 2065328

Metabolic Service

Metabolic Service   0113 2064256
Clinical Lead/Lab director Dr Mick Henderson 0113 2066861
Principal Clinical Scientist Robert Barski 0113 2066590
Advanced Biomedical Scientist Janet Mitchell 0113 2064256
Advanced Biomedical Scientist Manpreet Thandi 0113 2064256

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