Contacts for Leeds Medical Microbiology Labs

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Microbiology Laboratory

If you require the results of a specimen sent to Microbiology then please use the RESULTS SERVER in the first instance. Results will NOT normally be given out by telephone if the result is already available on the Intranet based results server for internal Leeds NHS Trust staff.

Contact Details for LTHT Medical Microbiology

Service Contact Numbers  Opening Hours/Additional Info
Results for LTHT internal clinicians, nurses, etc Check results server and / or ICE and / or PPM+  
Results for external users (GP's, etc) 0113-3923499  

Duty Medical Microbiologist (interpretative & clinical advice)


Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00, Sat: 09:00-13:00,
Out of Hours: LGI/SJUH Switchboard
Duty Medical Virologist (interpretative & clinical advice) 0113-3928750

Mon-Fri: 08.30-17:00,

Out of Hours:  LGI/SJUH Switchboard

For laboratory assistance within normal working hours (e.g. urgent samples) 0113-392-3499 Ask for the appropriate lab section for sample type.
Out of hours microbiology laboratory service    
Microbiology Laboratory

via LGI/SJUH  Switchboard: 0113-2432799 or bleep 0765 9523854

Mobile 07880786778

Ask for Microbiology BMS.
Virology Samples (all sites, incl. Bradford)

via LGI/SJUH Switchboard: 0113-2432799, 0113-2433144, bleep 0765 9523854.

Mobile 07880786778

Ask for Microbiology BMS.

Contact Address

Department of Microbiology
Old Medical School
Leeds General Infirmary
Thorseby Place

Fax: 0113-3928782

Normal Working Hours

Weekdays: 08:30 - 17:00
Sat to Sun: 08:30 - 17:00
Outside of Mon to Fri please contact via LGI Switchboard - 0113-243-2799


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