Microbiology Clinical Leads
Name Speciality Site Tel.

Dr Nick Foster

Clinical Service Lead

Critical Care infections, Vascular surgery and Diabetic Limb Salvage infections, Trauma and Orthopaedic infections. LTHT ex.25035
Prof. Mark Wilcox Clostridium difficile, medical device-associated infections, Research and Development LTHT ex.23796
Dr Tim Collyns Mycobacteriology, Adult Haematology/Oncology Lead Infection Control Doctor for LTHT, IPC Microbiologist Support for Oncology, AMS & Neurosciences CSUs LTHT ex.26819
Dr Miles Denton Lead Public Health Microbiologist for Public Health England, Yorkshire & The Humber; Cystic Fibrosis, Critical Care Infections; IPC support to Acute Medicine, Cardio-Respiratory and Theatres CSUs LTHT ex.22922
Dr Tony Hale Virology LTHT ex.28749
Dr Nicola Young
Paediatric Haematology/Oncology/BMTU, Adult and paediatric Nephrology, Adult Liver transplant, Thoracic Surgery, Infection control in Hepatorenal CSU, Food safety. Deputy Training Programme Director. LTHT ex.23439
Dr Andrew Kirby Digestive Diseases including Colorectal Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Gastroenterology LTHT ex.23929
Dr Kavita Sethi Paediatric and neonatal infections including critical care, Neurosurgical infections, Paediatric Liver transplant infections, IPC Lead for Leeds Children's Hospital, Leeds Dental Institute and Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust LTHT ex.25034
Dr Jon Sandoe Endocarditis, Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cardiothoracic ICU (LGI) LTHT ex.28783
Dr Sally Ager Infection Prevention support for Hospital and Community, LGI ICU (3/4/5) LTHT ex.22835
Dr Emma Page Virology LTHT ex.25854

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