How to Sample in Microbiology
Samples in a Pathology Laboratory

Following changes to sampling requirements for Microbiology swabs and urines please use the link below for a handy print off guide for all Microbiology Specimen Containers.

Microbiology Specimen Containers

Please find below 2 handy print off guides/posters for MRSA and Routine Swab Collection.

Microbiology Copan eSwab MRSA Collection Protocol

Changes to Routine Swabs for GP orders

Please click on the links below to find out how to sample for the Microbiology laboratory.

Labelling Policy Blood Cultures
Genito-urinary Samples Serology Samples
Chlamydia Samples
Sterile Samples Sputum Samples
Stool Samples Throat, Wound/General Swabs
Urine Samples Virology Samples

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