Specimen Delivery

SJUH Bexley Wing

It is preferable that all routine histology specimens are delivered directly to specimen reception on level 5 of the Bexley Wing. Specimen reception is located close to ward 98 (follow the corridor around the corner from the entrance to ward 98).

SJUH Chancellor Wing

All cytology specimens, muscle biopsies and nerve biopsies should be delivered directly to the Pathology reception area in Chancellor Wing.

Specimens requiring routine histopathology may be delivered here, and will then be forwarded to the Bexley Wing laboratory.

Urgent/Fresh Specimens

Specimens requiring an urgent frozen section or immunofluorescence techniques, (e.g. skin biopsies), must be delivered directly to the Bexley Wing laboratory.

Leeds General Infirmary

Specimens may be delivered to the pathology common reception area in the Old Medical School.

Page updated: 14/02/14 | Updated by: Tracey Wainwright

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