Mortuary Services

These comprise facilities for body storage, body release to funeral directors, body viewing and autopsy services (including autopsies for HM Coroner)

Body viewing is by appointment only. This may be arranged by the funeral director, by the Coroners' officer or by the LTH bereavement service.

The bereavement office can be contacted on:  (0113) 20 64162/64302

Identification of bodies:

The deceased must have at least one wrist band attached, giving accurate details of the identification of the deceased. There should also be two body cards, one attached to the shroud, and the other attached to the sheet or body bag containing the deceased. Nursing or medical staff who cared for the deceased will be called to the mortuary to identify and relabel bodies which bear inadequate or inconsistent identification information

Transport of bodies:

Hospital Deaths: These are transported to the mortuary by the portering service, at the request of individual wards. The guidelines given in the LTH infection control policy: Considerations for the control of infection following patient death must be adhered to.

Facilities (portering) have written procedures for the safe and respectful transport of bodies to the mortuaries.

To arrange transport contact:
LGI: Deputy Head Porter ext 23270 Jubilee Wing and main site
Deputy Head Porter ext 22622 Clarendon Wing
SJUH: Facilities Control Centre ext 65000  

Community Deaths: These are transported to the mortuary by local undertakers at the request of the Coroner or the Coroners' Officer.

Consent for Autopsies

A hospital (permission) autopsy is requested by the consultant clinician or surgeon of the deceased. Informed consent must be gained by the consultant clinician or surgeon, or by the post mortem consent nurse specialist (contacted via the bereavement office)
A Coroners' autopsy is done at the request of HM Coroner.

The bereavement office can be contacted on:  (0113) 20 64162/64302

For more information regarding post mortem examination, please visit the Human Tissue Authority website:

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