Frozen Sections, Muscle, and Nerve Biopsies

All frozen sections are done at the Bexley Wing laboratory.

To Book a Frozen Section

09.00 to 17.00: Call (0113) 20 67771

Please give at least 24 hours notice where possible.

Call the laboratory again when the frozen section specimen has been dispatched to the laboratory.

For an out of hours service, please call the SJUH switchboard: (0113) 24 33144

For Neuro frozens, Hirschsprungs biopsies:

Inform the laboratory, as above.

Use the ‘Blue Light’ service to deliver the specimen to the Bexley Wing laboratory.

See attached protocol pdf image

See attached flowchart pdf image

Muscle and nerve biopsies:

These specimens are handled at the Chancellor Wing laboratory. To book the biopsy, call (0113) 20 64710.

Use the ‘Blue Light’ service (see protocol above) to deliver the specimen to the Chancellor Wing laboratory.

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