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Cellular Pathology

The Department comprises Histopathology, Cytology, Semenology  and Mortuary Services within the LTH Trust, and also a histopathology laboratory at Bradford Royal Infirmary. The services are provided to the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, the Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust, the PCTs for Leeds and Bradford and parts of North Yorkshire. The Department is accredited by CPA-UK (Clinical Pathology Accreditation) Ltd.

All specimens must be labelled according to the pathology labelling standards. Specimens that are not fully labelled will not be reported. These standards are available on the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS website.

If the labelling of a request form or specimen does not meet miniumum labelling standards, and it is not possible to provide a repeat specimen, the requesting clinician will be asked to sign a declaration form. This form details the labelling deficiencies and places responsibility upon the clinician for clinical decisions based upon the results.

Further information about our Histopathology services for NHS internal users only is available on the Leeds Health Pathways website.

Cellular Pathology Management

Clinical Co-Lead

Dr. Azzam Ismail    

(0113) 20 67659


 Clinical Co-Lead  Dr. Olorunda Rotimi      

 (0113) 20 6786


Pathology Services Manager  Mrs. Sian Gibson

  (0113) 20 68903


Full Address   Department of Cellular Pathology
Level 5 Bexley Wing
St James University Hospital
Beckett Street
Head of Histopathology (Bradford) Dr. David Gouldesbrough 01274 36 4209
    Department of Cellular Pathology
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Duckworth Lane
Bradford BD9 6RJ

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