Blood Sciences - Haematology Section
Testing a blood sample in the Blood Sciences Laboratory

The combined laboratories offer a comprehensive range of Haematology tests within the Trust. General haematology services are provided by the Department of Blood Sciences and are available on all sites and with a 7 day by  24 hour acute service available from the LGI and SJUH Blood Sciences laboratories.

Specialist haematology tests are provided by the department of Specialist Laboratory Medicine. The laboratories are approved by CPA.

We have full details of services and clinical support on this website.

Blood Sciences Key Personnel

Lead Clinician Dr A Miller 0113 3922584 (sec)
Pathology Service Manager Mr Conor O'Malley 0113 3922544 (sec)
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Services Organisation

Because of its size the department is divided into discrete sections and are grouped around clinical and analytical processes. These service groups function across all sites, working to common core procedures. Where necessary local site services are adapted to suit individual clinical service needs.

Clinical / Laboratory Service Groups

Automated Haematology Blood Sciences
Haemostasis and Thrombophilia Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Haemoglobinopathy screening Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Haematinics/ferrokinetics Blood Sciences
Anticoagulant services Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Paediatric haematology Blood Sciences
Phlebotomy Blood Sciences
Blood Film Morphology Specialist Laboratory Medicine


The Department provides a full repertoire of general haematology services and in addition has a number of specialist services which are used by external users. These include specialised haemostasis and thrombophilia,  and Haemoglobin screening provided by the department of Specialist Laboratory Medicine.  A minimal amount of work is referred externally.

Equipment and Requests

The laboratory services are well equipped with a wide range of automated systems. The main haematology analysers across the department are Bayer ADVIA 2120 and in coagulation, Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Top.

Test Name Equipment 



Full Blood Count Siemens Advia 2120



Malaria Screening Microscopy and BinaxNOW antigen test



D-Dimer Assay Instrumentation Laboratory ACL Top



Ferritin Siemens Advia Centaur



B12 (and Folic Acid) Siemens Advia Centaur



Anticaogulant Clinic INRs (Leeds) ACL Top and ACL 3000



Reticulocyte Count Siemens Advia 2120



Plasma Viscosity Benson Viscometers



Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Starrsed ESR



Clotting Screen (APTT/INR/HW) ACL Top



not available

Workload Figures are for numbers of requests rather than numbers of tests (some requests can comprise of many individual or bundled tests).

Haematology Services

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