Point of Care testing devices

Point of care testing devices and supporting documentation

Below is a list of devices for which the POCT team provides a service:


Blood gas

Siemens Rapidlab 1200 series                                         User Manual

Siemens Rapidlab 800 series                                           User Manual

Siemens Rapidpoint 400 series                                        User Manual

Siemens Rapidpoint 500 series                                        User Manual

Abbott Diagnostics i-STAT                                               User Manual


Blood glucose and Ketone monitoring

Nova Statstrip Connectivity Glucose monitor                       Quick Reference Guide

Nova Statstrip Connectivity Glucose/Ketone monitor            Quick Reference Guide

                                                                                       Stat Strip User Manual

Urinalysis testing

Siemens Clinitek 50                                                          User Manual

Siemens Clinitek Status                                                    User Manual

Siemens Clinitek Status +                                                 User Manual


INR Testing

Coagucheck XS                                                               User Manual


Haemoglobin testing

Radiometer Hemocue                                                        User Manual


Below is a list of Standard Operating Procedures and supporting documentation for use in clinical areas:


Clinical area SOP documentation:

Clinical area SOP: Use of the Siemens 1200 Series blood gas analyser

Clinical area SOP: Use of the Siemens 400 Series blood gas analyser

Clinical area SOP: Use of the Abbot iSTAT

Clinical area SOP: Use of the Nova StatStrip glucose meter

Clinical area SOP: Use and maintenance of the Clinitek Urinalysis analysers

Clinical area SOP: Use of the Radiometer Hemocue

Clinical area SOP: Use of the Siemens 800 Series blood gas analyser

Supporting documentation:

Blood gas analyser locations

iSTAT ward folders

StatStrip GLU Ward Handbook

StatStrip GLU/KET Ward Handbook

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