Clinical Biochemistry
Samples in a Leeds Pathology Laboratory

The combined laboratories provide a full range of Clinical Biochemistry services within the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trusts.

General chemistry services are provided by the Department of Blood Sciences and a 24 hour, 7 day acute service is available from the LGI and  St James hospital laboratories. Specialist Biochemistry tests are provided by the department of Specialist Laboratory Medicine.

For any enquiries regarding clinical advice, please contact the "duty biochemist" who is available on each site during the working day and contactable out of hours. This person is qualified to give advice about appropriate tests and their interpretation. 

Information relating to interpretation of results for common investigations can be found via the Common Biochemical Investigations page and information on investigative protocols via the Biochemical Investigations in Laboratory Medicine resource.

Information about sample requirements and reference ranges for given biochemical investigations can be found on the pathology tests and tubes database.

In some circumstances it is possible to add tests onto samples that are already in the laboratory. This will depend on sample stability, tube type and for some tests including therapeutic drug measurement, there will be timing restrictions. Most specimens are stored for a minimum period of 48 hours following the issue of the electronic report. It is usually not possible to add tests on to samples greater than 24 hours old.

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