Turnaround Times

The laboratory turn around times listed below are the targets set following consultation with our users and based on guidance from the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath).

Location Turnaround Time
Accident and Emergency 85% within 60 Mins
In Patient / Day Case 90% within 2 hours
GP / Primary Care 95% within 24 hours

The department measures its performance against these targets on a monthly basis. The turn around times stated are for commonly requested routine Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology tests (examples listed below) and based on the time of receipt in the laboratory to result availability on the results server. More complex testing takes longer, further details can be found on the Tests & Tubes database.

Commonly requested routine Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology tests:

Clinical Biochemistry Haematology
Urea/Electrolytes Full Blood Count
Liver Function Tests Clotting Screen
Albumin, Total Protein INR
Calcium profile Plasma Viscosity
Magnesium ESR
Cholesterol D-Dimer level
Glucose Reticulocyte Count


All results will be available on the Trust result server after authorisation. Grossly abnormal results as defined in the RCPath guidelines will be telephoned

Are these turnaround times meeting clinical needs?

If you feel that the above turnaround times do not meet clinical needs in any way please contact the Service Manager Conor O'Malley

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