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Pathology Departments

The Pathology Directorate contains five departments, each with its own specific disciplines. A brief overview of the services provided by each department is given below.

Blood Sciences

  • Specimen reception & phlebotomy on all sites.
  • Point of Care testing services on all sites.
  • Routine automated and non-automated Chemistry and Haematology services on all sites.
  • Provision of acute Chemistry and Haematology services at LGI & SJUH. Elements of the service are provided on a 24/7 basis.

Cellular Pathology

  • Surgical and autopsy histopathology, including neuropathology and paediatric pathology.
  • Immunohistochemistry, gynae and non gynae cytology, semenology, molecular pathology, mortuary services.


  • Consists of a number of services including bacteriology, infection control, mycology, virology, molecular diagnostics and R&D.
  • Currently processes approximately 1 million samples per annum which are received from within The Trust, other trusts, PCTs, private clients etc.
  • Provides the Regional Microbiology Service for the Health Protection Agency.

Specialist Laboratory Medicine

  • Blood Transfusion: Blood grouping, antibody screening, cross matching, antenatal blood group serology and issuing of blood components and blood products.
  • Immunology: Clinical Immunology - autoantibody, allergy, immunochemistry and antibody deficiency investigations. Transplant and Cellular Immunology - tissue typing, lab support in renal and bone marrow transplant programs, HLA disease association markers, immunosuppressant monitoring, regional CD4 monitoring service, testing of cellular immune function in primary and secondary immunodeficiencies.
  • Biochemical Genetics: Screening Laboratory: regional neonatal screening service and antenatal screening for Down's syndrome. Metabolic Laboratory: investigations for inborn errors of metabolism.
  • Endocrinology: SAS Steroid centre, manual and automated immunoassays for adrenal & gonadal steroid hormones and peptide hormones, mass spectrometry assay service for steroid hormones and 250H vitamin D.
  • Toxicology, Trace Metals & Metabolics: Drugs of abuse screening, SAS trace metal service, HbA 1c analysis, metabolic laboratory studies.
  • Specialist Haematology: Haemostasis and Thrombosis, morphology, low volume non automated specialist assays, haemoglobinopathy screening, haematinics and erythrokinetics and Leeds Oral Anticoagulant Service.

Yorkshire Regional Genetics Service

  • A specialist diagnostic and counselling service for patients affected or at risk of genetic conditions including single gene disorders and chromosomal disorders. The service also provides counselling for predictive testing, prenatal diagnosis and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.
  • Cytogenetics: chromosome analysis service aimed at detecting constitutional, prenatal and acquired genetic abnormalities using g-banding and molecular cytogenetics techniques.
  • DNA Laboratory (Molecular Genetics): a molecular genetics service for diagnostic, predictive and prenatal testing covering a range of disorders. A number of specialist tests are offered nationally through the UK Genetic Testing Network.

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