Voriconazole levels

Antifungal agents are assayed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectroscopy (LC-MS-MS). The results are highly specific and are not influenced by the use of antifungal combination therapy.


Confirmation of adequate levels and alerting to toxic levels in patients receiving voriconazole for treatment or prophylaxis of fungal disease.


Serum 250 µl minimum or 3 mL clotted blood


Drug concentration in mg/L, with advice on target levels. Trough levels should be maintained between 1 - 5.5mg/L.  If levels are below this: ensure dosing is appropriate in relation to meals (if given orally) - consider increasing dose or examining effects of concomitant medications.

95% Turnaround Time:

8 days


The uncertainty of measurement of this assay has been characterised in the following way, a positive control sample at the approximate level similar to the cutoff for a therapeutic leve, ie 1.0mg/L , tested over 6 months yielded a mean 1.17 of mg/L and a standard deviation of 0.08, thus we estimate that 95% of all samples at this level will have a range from + or - 0.15 (1.96 x 0.08 ) mg/L.

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