Microscopy and Culture of other specimens

For skin, hair and nail specimens, see Microscopy and culture of skin, hair and nail.


Diagnosis of fungal infection by microscopy and culture.

For most sample types (with the exception of skin, nail and hair), we would advise referring laboratories to process the primary sample and then send resultant fungal cultures for identification or further testing


Microscopy for yeasts, mycelium and other fungal elements; culture of any viable fungi present and identification of any clinically significant species. Antifungal susceptibility testing is undertaken where appropriate or requested.


Oral and vaginal swabs; urine; peritoneal dialysis fluid; CSF; respiratory samples (e.g. sputum, broncho-alveolar lavage fluid), tissues.


Microscopy is reported as "No fungus seen" or positive with a description of the fungal cells seen.
Culture is reported as the identity of any significant fungi isolated, estimation of amount of fungal growth (+,++,+++) where relevant.

95% Turnaround Time (Dates collected):

Microscopy 7 days, culture 24 days (positive cultures will take longer to report than negatives).

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