Aspergillus antibodies (animals)

For human aspergillus antibody tests see Aspergillus antibodies.

For antibody tests, please send serum or clotted blood in a plain tube; EDTA blood is not suitable.

Use(s): Diagnosis of nasal aspergillosis in dogs and other animals.

Description: Determination of the presence and titre of precipitating antibodies (precipitins) to Aspergillus fumigatus in serum. The test is carried out by countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis (CIE).

Specimens: Serum 500 µl minimum or 1 mL clotted blood.

Results: Negative, Positive (weak, neat, titre 1/2 – 1/64).

Interpretation: Precipitin titres of 1 in 4 and above are considered supportive evidence for a diagnosis of aspergillosis in dogs with relevant signs. In other animals results should be interpreted by users.These results are issued by a laboratory specialising in  medical testing. Please be advised that we are unable to offer specialized advice on interpretation.

Mean Turnaround Times: Approximately 7 days. 

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Aspergillus antibodies (animals)