Mycology Diagnostic Services

Dr Richard Barton (Prinicipal Clinical Scientists) is available for clinical advice and interpretation of results during opening hours of the laboratory.

We are also happy to advise on mycological issues that do not relate to samples submitted to the Mycology Reference Centre for processing.

Culture based testing Serological testing Antifungal drug monitoring
Microscopy and Culture of skin,hair and nail   Aspergillus antigen Itraconazole
Microscopy and culture of other specimens  Aspergillus antibodies  Voriconazole
Yeast identification and sensitivity  Avian antibodies Posaconazole
Mould identification  Farmers lung antibodies
Identification of environmental fungi  Cryptococcal antigens
 Histoplasma antibodies  
 Coccidioides antibodies
 Blastomyces antibodies
 Paracoccidioides antibodies  
 Beta-D-glucan fungal antigen test  

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