Biochemical Investigation of Hypertension

First visit


  • full blood count
  • fasting plasma glucose
  • U & Es
  • random/fasting cholesterol and triglycerides


  • urine glucose, protein and microscopy

Second visit

  • if urine protein present send sample to lab for formal urine protein analysis
  • if patient young or has persistent/severe hypertension consider referral for renal isotope scan and measurement of 24 hour urinary metanephrines 
  • if potassium low consider referral for renin/angiotensin studies
  • if random cholesterol elevated, repeat with fasting sample

Useful points :

Treatment of hypertension with either thiazides or beta-blockers may be associated with a reversible hypercholesterolaemia. This does not occur with other classes of anti-hypertensive drugs such as calcium channel blocking agents or ACE inhibitors.

Page updated: 20/04/10 | Updated by: Dr. Julian Barth