The endocrinology laboratory at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust provides a full endocrine and tumour marker service for all the hospitals in Leeds and Bradford and a specialist service for other hospitals in the region and across the country. Our laboratory includes the Supraregional Assay Service accredited Centre for Steroid Hormones.

The SAS Centre for Steroid Hormones was established in 1974 with a strong academic and clinical service ethos. The fundamental policy of the Centre has been to develop, validate and maintain a wide repertoire of steroid assays using either in-house extraction methodology with RIA end-points or analysis by tandem mass spectrometry. All assays used fully assured and evaluated antisera. This approach has ensured that assay characteristics are fully known and maintained long term.

We aim to ensure the availability of senior staff are readily available at all times to give interpretative advice and accurate information in response to any enquiries.

More information on sample requirements, assay interferences and test interpretation can be found on the following pages.

Test requirements / Test interpretation     Assay interferences

Contact Information

Consultant Dr Kevin Stuart  0113-392-3607 
Principal Biochemist Dr Stephen Gibbons  0113-20-64717 
Biochemist Dr Paula Marchetti  0113-392-3614 
Laboratory Manager Mr Clive Ford  0113-20-64717/span>

Contact Address

Endocrinology Laboratory (including SAS Steroid Centre)
Department of Specialist Laboratory Medicine
Old Medical School
Leeds General Infirmary
Leeds LS1 3EX

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