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BioProfile is the newssheet for Laboratory Medicine. It is used to inform of changes in test availability and usage. Many old issues have been incorporated into the section of Clinical Information. Newer issues can be downloaded by double clicking on the title below.

April 2010 - Urine protein - PCR or PCI?

August 2011 - Changes to Reference Ranges

September 2011 - Changes to Serum Creatinine Results

January 2012 - Prolactin, progesterone, male menopause, vitamin D

December 2012 - Change in Thyroid Function Tests

January 2013 - HbA1c for the diagnosis of diabetes

January 2013 - Change in Haemogoblin reporting units from g/dL to g/L

April 2013 - Reminder of change to Reporting Units of Haemogoblin

May 2013 - Tumour markers and "blunderbuss testing"

June 2015 - Magnesium, cortisol, IDA and HbA1c, critical results

January 2018 - Ischaemic Heart Disease, Lipids, Folic acid

May 2018 - HbA1c - fructosamine

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