Antenatal Testing

The purpose of red cell serology testing during pregnancy is:

  • To establish the ABO and Rh(D) type and to identify Rh(D) negative women who will require anti-D prophylaxis (immune anti-D is a major cause of Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn - HDN).
  • To screen for antibodies and identify any clinically significant red cell alloantibodies which:

                    1. May affect the foetus / newborn and
                    2. May cause problems in the provision of blood for the mother

All routine antenatal red cell serology screening for the Leeds area is performed in the Bloodbank at the Leeds General Infirmary however all results and general enquiries should be directed to the Bloodbank of the appropriate booking hospital. The telephone numbers are:

                     Leeds General - 0113 3922413
                     St. James - 0113 2065559

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